5am (In Pittsburgh)

by Ray Dawn

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Wrote this impromptu before an early morning studio session. Call it a quick warm-up before #TheBarExam.

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No bad days when you wake up and bake up
Two weeks ago me and my day job break up
Rappin’ full time I grind the paper never wait up
These Fakers needin’ roids buyin’ views get ya weight up
Been paid my dues now these dudes gotta pay up
Put me on they waitlist now these posers showin’ Ray Love
Dick ridin’ like they been workin’ at a gay pub
Thanks for the re-tweets, thanks for givin’ Ray pub
Get the bleep bleep in the sheets from a skeezer
She a queefer not a keeper let you smash it if you tweet her
Unfollowin’ that skeezer if she can’t keep her cool
Keep ya mouth shut, that’s my number one rule
Chickens get plucked juss for breakin’ that rule
Never make that move, juss play it real smooth
Or we’ll meet at high noon kill my vibe bye soon
Babe you’ll never see the condo that I’m bout to buy soon
You’ll never hit the lotto wit a sorry attitude
I’m juss keepin’ it trill, juss how real niggas move
Seldom in bad mad mood...please don't take me there...
I could really get more from your woman than a stare
Lemme hit her on the DM tell her meet me downstairs
Have her come back to you outta breath like she juss ran stairs
Level ten climber I’ma climb these stairs
And I’m really well prepared, flow not really needin’ air, yeah

They really not ready for the fetti who is ready
I been boiled my spaghetti and your water’s still cold
You got new beats but your flow is still old
You’re not next up you’ll be the last to never go
Man I’m puttin’ on a show, got the Bruce Leroy Glow
Catchin’ bullets wit my teeth a wizard swattin’ free throws
Nuttin’ but slam dunks I’m skatin’ like the pros
Skip the cocaine for a different type a blow
Keep it on a hush like a stripper gets low
Baby gimme that rush til my nuts explode
If you don’t rush it then we might juss date
I’ll get the whip waxed down, scoop you from ya crib at eight
..Show you how it’s played, them other niggas played
I’m a movie they a play, bigger budget bigger pay
Pick a peck of fickle heffers and ya nickles never saved
If a nigga gon be bigger then he need skin in the game
It ain’t about the fame it’s what you do when no one’s lookin’
These overnight microwaves think they really cookin’
Bitch ya waves micro, no body’s lookin…
...My fans surf from California all the way to Brooklyn
Scurry from these labels wit the hurry if they crooked
I went to law school got better views of who’s lookin’
Disguise my smoke signals in the streets wit the vape
No time to spend on the fake, can’t counterfeit ya fate!

These mothefuckers stay fake!

You can’t hit my fuckin’ vape!


released June 10, 2013
Produced by C-SICK



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Ray Dawn Pittsburgh

Your favorite law school dropout!

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